parallax layer

Performance that integrates
the audience’s nature.

In Riolab we understand that the benefit of having a network of screens connected among them lies not only in the capacity to manage them, but also in elaborating a performance architecture that integrates the nature of the audience and the public and corporate space in which it will be.

A live network connected with the client’s other editorial or commercial resources, an own identity (visual and narrative) resulting in an exclusive interface for that space, an architectural context (constructive layout) and the technology that will allow coherence between these components.


  • Usage scenarios design and space applications (dynamic narration within the physical location).
  • Environment architecture.
  • Technologies proposal.
  • Audiovisual branding.
  • Graphic interfaces and video design and performance.
  • Content remote management in real time.
  • Screens configuration on client’s layout.
  • Contents management system (back&front end) through Netshow.
  • Netshow® composer to edit screen interface.
  • Audio system.
  • Installation and training.
  • Post sale support.
  • Shifts management (Turnonet®).