parallax layer

Opens and extends conversation with the user.

An application that allows, in a friendly and intuitive way, sending contents between multitouch screens and mobile devices (smartphones and tablets).

Drag & Throw opens and extends the conversation, making processed contents download possible and strengthening the user/brand connection.

We adapt to the client’s needs and context.


  • Drag & throw application system® by Riolab.
  • Usage scenarios and physical applications design (dynamic narration within the space).
  • Contents architecture.
  • Contents management systems (back&front end) through Netshow®, which allows managing the clients libraries and injecting and taking processed contents.
  • Screens according to modulation.
  • Hardware y software.
  • Detection of users indoors position through Beacons.
  • Internal wiring and LAN switch.
  • Audio system.
  • Installation and training.