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Visualize Big Data, socialize ideas and carry out collaborative work.

Big companies require dynamic spaces that promote conversation with different levels of knowledge inside the organization and with their stakeholders.

Riolab’s Collaborative Hub defines interface modular configurations on a physical space that facilitate and stimulate conversations in different usage scenarios.
It’s a dynamic interface compatible with the needs to give upgraded and relevant contents to the different levels of users: internal/external client, suppliers group, public entities, communities, knowledge centres. It allows integrating contents and information through diverse data interfaces; web services, among them.


  • Building of narration.
  • Contents architecture.
  • Contents management system (back&front end) through Netshow®, which allows managing the client’s library, injecting and taking processed contents.
  • Netshow Composer®.
  • Netshow Mobile® application.
  • Modulations: cube, wall, totem and mobile.
  • Multitouch screens as modulation.
  • Hardware and software.
  • Detection of users indoors location through Beacons.
  • Allows users to download content in their smartphones using Drag & throw.
  • Multitouch board that allows the user intervening (by the use of a digital en) the contents put in the Netshow® Media Centre and distribute it to different devices and users profiles.
  • Identification Code between users and content.
  • Screens configuration (multitaction, capacitive, digital signage).
  • Internal wiring and LAN switch.
  • Audio system.
  • Installation and training.

*The final configuration will be the result of the defined project for each specific client.