parallax layer

Contributing collaboratively
to enrich awareness.

Netshow is a corporate visualizer that serves to create, compose, store, share, process and distribute selected contents of an organization in a virtuous process that transforms them and adds new value to them, helping enrich the company’s awareness.

Netshow/ Media Centre

Modulo to develop, store, share, edit and distribute selected contents in a corporate environment.
It allows classifying contents according to usages and needs and helps establish a documents record, making resources management easy. The contents may be used, in a dynamic way and instantly, by the different professionals in a public or private diffusion by the company.

Netshow/ Composer

Through a web interface, the user may select videos and images available in the Netshow database.
Such content can be grouped by the user in the way he wishes, which will be displayed on screen like independent galleries and with a multitouch interface that allows handling and directing the presentation in a dynamic and contributory way. The contents management is the instance where the user can personalize a determined presentation through photographs, videos and infographies selection that can be easily composed for their display on the multitouch screen. The users have a quick, agile and instant device that allows them to make their presentation, according to the tone and rhythm they choose.

Netshow/ Visualizer

It allows navigating through contents according to the different media categories (videos images, galleries, etc.). Through an easy and quick access, it helps sort contents by category and search for them by their names. Thanks to their visualization it is possible to see and edit images and reproduce videos.



  • Licence.
  • Proprietary configuration for each client.
  • User profiles.
  • Contents initial set up.
  • Selected contents online upgrading.
  • Customized desktop.
  • Monitoring system for system administrator.