Riolab started in 2004 with the objective of connecting technology and communication from a collaborative work with customers. Collaboration and innovation are the pillars: innovate in the way of making things and offer products that express contents in a different way, where technology becomes invisible.

From small installations linked to the world of culture and art to more sophisticated devices for interaction, from personal to social experiences, from projects for culture to projects for mining. Always crossing borders, that is how Riolab has grown. The same growth offers its customers: to create in the limits, to innovate from their limitations and to transform. All this through accompanying, through walking together.

The intention to go further has driven Riolab to go from small assignments to the need of building collaboration networks and multidisciplinary work to face big challenges, which has resulted in partnering in Helsinki, Berlin and City of Mexico. This is how a collaboration culture started. An attitude that conforms Riolab’s DNA is cultivated: working with others to enrich each other.

Today 30 people work in Riolab. The company’s diversity, inspired by the need of multidisciplinary work, goes from design, contents and audiovisual production to engineering: artists and engineers creating together, focused on innovation.

Riolab’s vocation is to go out, cross the borders and transform what is there; create new ways to show and bring the contents closer. Everything is changing; we must connect in a different way, less individually and more socially. The frontiers have expanded; it is no longer just art.