ALES 2016

Designing mobile creative services.

installation, design, experience, innovation, branding

6th Annual Convention
Latin American Association of
Service Exporters

Technological and communication platform that allowed the visitor to navigate through thematic contents of ALES 6 and ProChile, and download them to their cell phone using the Netshow ToTeam® visualizer from Riolab.

Interactive Prism

The export of services is a universe that must contain the diverse areas of an industry as vast as the wit and the needs of human beings. Our challenge was to connect the visitor with a digital cartography composed by the network of contact points of the Convention and with the organization of the service sector of ProChile.

The Interactive Prism was the first contact point of visitors with the event. It consisted of three touch screens that gave account of the activities of ALES and the work of ProChile, through differentiated information for each screen.

Display 1: Functional info with activities of the day.

Display 2: Challenges and branding of ALES 2016.

Display 3: Contents of ProChile.

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