Architecture Biennale 2019


Building community and social fabric

All Minvu projects are developed under three pillars:

  • Social integration
  • Quality of life
  • Citizen participation

Persons and family, their relation with the community and the environment, is the core. Under these parameters, 2 installations were developed for the Biennial.


Once in, the visitor walks along a long hallway. On one of its wooden walls there are seven screens arranged in a row. On each screen, we see the face of a person representing a region of Chile. When activating the screen, these local spokespersons narrate, in the first person, their experience in some of the programs the MINVU carries out. At the end of the video, a QR code allows the visitors to follow the story on their mobile phone.


Suddenly, the visitor is surrounded by landscapes displayed in 360º, corresponding to initiatives the Minvu seeks to highlight. These images are projected on the inner side of the cylinder’s textile cover. They go forward slowly, like a zoetrope. This immersive experience is completed by a series of directional speakers that emit sounds that are characteristic of each place. Proportionally to their intensity, these audios cause a musical graphic.

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