BCI 80th anniversary

Web memory

design, corporate platform, branding

Website that recalls the 80 years of life of the Bank, connecting the main milestones of its creation with transcendental historical events that happened at the time. It is a timeline that articulates a diversity of contents and tools, which connect the user with different levels of knowledge of the history of BCI.

Through an organic tactile gesture we navigate through a horizontal parallax, composed of different layers containing horizontal stations and vertical substations. An integral solution, enhanced, customized and developed made to measure, with the capacity to embed video multimedia content.

It is a large canvas that the user “reads” from left to right, with a spatial and temporal journey through the 80 years of the bank. Some of these images have in-depth content, or they tell us about the social context and the time, others, about the consolidation of Bci, as a project promoted by a group of immigrant entrepreneurs who wanted to make a contribution to the country that hosted them.

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