Information Cube Expo Milan 2015

Information Cube

Information Cube

Original creation by Riolab for the Chilean Pavilion at the Milan Expo 2015. It integrates electronics, physics, computing and communications, serving a unique multi-user design of its kind.

The Information Cube is an intuitive device consisting of fourteen 55” multitouch displays, which allow the visitor to connect and go through a dynamic story about the fruits of Chile, its preparations and the places in the world that receive them.?

In about 9 minutes the visitor interacts in a tactile way with four different phases, each with its own design and usability: Fruits © phase, Preparations phase, Earth cube phase and Shelf © phase.

The innovation is mainly found in two of its components: Fruits phase ©, in which the user interacts with more than a thousand 3-D objects in real time, and Market © phase, in which the Information Cube extends the experience allowing users to download graphic and audio-visual content on their mobile phones.

The cube is now placed in the city of Temuco, Chile, in the Region of La Araucanía, where the Chilean Pavilion of the Milan Expo 2015 is currently located.

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