Internship in Riolab

Rosali van Waterschoot, industrial designer from The Hague University, Holland.

  • Industrial Design

“The experience of working for Riolab has taught me a lot about the importance of being more connected. The family, friends and business relationships are very important. I felt the Riolab staff did everything possible for me to feel comfortable. Over time, we’ve built a relationship that has resulted in greater trust and a better teamwork”.
“The know-how I brought to Riolab came down to ways of using technology in an easy and fast way to make print images. I also tried to work usability and efficiency for the products designed”.
– Rosali van Waterschoot.

Rosali (22) studies industrial product design at The Hague University, the Netherlands. In Riolab she did a 5-month internship where she experimented and worked in different projects to broaden her knowledge.

Screen configurations in Riolab

Itinerant pavilion structure

More work