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Netshow® is a family of visualizers that allows any kind of organization to design their own media system, adding value to their work.

DAM (Digital Assets Management)
Management of digital assets

Netshow® is a digital asset manager, aimed at facilitating the creation, capture, cataloguing, recovery, export, transformation and distribution of these assets through diverse channels such as internet, print media, radio, television, mobile telephony, PDAs and PCs.

The ecosystem of the content

Large companies in the world discovered a long time ago that Document Management is a fundamental asset for their organization.

Documents are usually files with characteristics different from those of digital assets. This type of assets need to be shared, disseminated, published, reproduced, such as video or audio; and most documentary managers are not prepared to reproduce this type of files, which are usually of a larger size, which puts the base structure of the document manager to the test.

Faced with this scenario, we propose Netshow®, a Digital Asset Management (DAM), with a service component.

A digital asset should be understood as any item of knowledge, whether textual or of another nature, in the form of digits or bits, which the owner can reuse to create others, sell it or advertise it. An asset is also conceived as the set consisting of a digital content plus the information associated with it that serves for its identification, location and control (metadata, links, additional data on the location, rights and use permits).

Unlike other DAM, Netshow® has a service component that allows content review, editorial categorization and metadata according to the client’s needs, in a permanent manner. It also allows traceability and dynamic coherence, since it operates with a dedicated professional team. All the activity in Netshow® is presented on a dynamic and well-designed administration panel, allowing to obtain a transparent and updated control of the contents. If the client wants it, he can have access to the creative resources of an online agency.

Netshow® focuses mainly on the content (images, videos, audio, documents) and how it is used. It provides a simple central interface and asset repository with strong organization options, designed to satisfy everything a user would want to do with the content through interoperability, flexibility and deployment speed.

Netshow® features

Manage your brand.
Have a consistent brand across the globe with a look-and-feel brand. Invite clients, media and partners to use Netshow®. Control how and when you use the assets of your brand.

Centralize in the cloud.
Photos, graphics, videos, presentations, logos, sales materials, documents and much more. There is no hardware to buy or software to install. Enjoy the management of digital assets in the cloud. Work at any time and anywhere.

Distribute your digital assets quickly and simply.
Share and easily distribute assets to your channels, teams and stakeholders. Fulfil requests with a single click. No more FTP or email for large files.

Quickly find creative files.
Search by file type within documents, use filters or custom metadata fields. Netshow® is designed to quickly search millions of files and data. Projects sensitive to time? No problem.

Use your content to upload it to social networks, create presentations on touch screens or manage communication with customers, media and partners through the ToTeam® mobile application.

Security that you can trust.
Enjoy feature-based permissions, SSL encryption, redundant storage and more. Company-level security is our top priority. Ensure protection and control of the brand with Netshow®.

It contains an agency on demand, easy to use and access.
A team of online professionals for the creation of identity, design, production and content management.

Who should use Netshow®?

A Digital Asset Management system is an important part of the content management strategy of any organization.

All organizations have content that must be managed and all of them are seeing an increasing use of digital media as part of their daily communications, collaboration and marketing activities.

Organizations that need to centralize their marketing materials, content, brand assets and any other element related to the construction and marketing of the brand.

Organizations that need to provide 24/7 access and anywhere in the world to their partners and collaborators.


Netshow On Demand®
Creation of identity, design and production of online content.

Netshow Desktop®
Collaborative web platform to manage and distribute selected content throughout the platform.

Netshow Composer®
Module that allows you to create and manage presentations on touch screens, multitouch and in the Netshow ToTeam® mobile application.

Netshow ToTeam®
Mobile viewer that allows you to deliver updatable and geo-referenced content in real time.

Main attributes:

  • Update on demand
  • Content customization
  • Dynamic notifications
  • User segmentation
  • Gathering of corporate knowledge
  • Download of files from touch screens

Netshow® benefits


  • Eliminates the cost of lost work.
  • Decreases iterations with print providers due to errors associated with content duplication.
  • Reduces the creation and purchase of new content by facilitating the search and use of similar previous assets.
  • Eliminates the costs of administration and physical storage of the assets.


  • Increases efficiency by locating the exact file instantaneously.
  • Controls when press kits, photos and critical documents are distributed and displayed.
  • Accelerates creativity and production cycles, quickly reusing digital assets.
  • Eliminates redundancies in workflows.
  • Improves collaboration and access to critical assets.

Reputation of the brand.

  • Avoids the risk of using assets after the expiration date of the license.
  • Standardizes graphic elements of your brand.

Without barriers.

  • Allows 24/7 access to the digital assets of your organization.
  • No matter where you are, you can access the contents from your mobile, tablet or computer.