Pavilion of Chile Expo Milan 2015

The love of Chile for the world

design, installation, experience, pavilions and fairs

Creation, development, installation and launching of the halls of the Experience of the Pavilion, through the integration of audio-visual, technological and scenographic devices, in a journey that articulates a story between physical and mobile media.

The Love of Chile for the world.

The premise of the Pavilion was that food integrates a chain of attachment that begins in nature, to be then enriched by the art and dedication of those who cultivate it and harvest its fruits, with the work of those who process and distribute them and also of those who prepare them and bring them to the table. What is exported then is not a specific fruit, it is a gift of warmth and beauty that is transmitted from one place to another on the planet.

The visitor experience focuses on its three exhibition spaces:

Hall Las Personas

It is an observatory where, through a glass, the visitor can see people in their usual tasks of harvesting or harvesting. A contemplative room that generates a different time where the presence of visitors activates the interaction.

Hall Los Frutos

Layers of content occur in an interior mapping, with changes in scale, contrasts and perspectives that allow a journey through time and space: volcanoes, magma, infinite sea, hills and a few plains are the nutrient that contains each fruit of Chile.

Hall Cubo Información

Intuitive device consisting of 14 multitouch 55 inch screens that allow the visitor to connect and go through a dynamic story about the fruits of Chile, its preparations and the places in the world that receive them.

The complete pavilion of the Expo Milan 2015 is located in the city of Temuco, in the Region of La Araucanía, where it will function as a meeting and cultural dissemination centre about the indigenous peoples and the gastronomy of the country.

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