Perpetual latent

Video Installation / Catholic University - Extension Center

  • Guest artists
    Valentina Serrati and
    Enrique Stindt
  • Languages
    Performance / Cinema / Video Art /
    Sound Art
  • Format
    Video-Installation with wireless headphones,
    indefinite duration.

Exhibited at the Centro de Extensión UC, “Perpetual latent” started from the idea of the intercultural, which contains all bodies and cultures in a horizontal and current space together with the notion of limits and borders typical of every view or framing of reality, where these bodies converge.

“The building of the image seeks to go beyond the arbitrary selection of certain distinguishing features (race, ethnic group, gender). The performing act, when being captured by a high-speed camera, favours the perilous, chaotic and out-of-control encounter, which goal is to redefine the limits of such image”. Valentina Serrati and Enrique Stindt.

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