Big Data’s Neural Networks
Display and Interaction.

installation, experience, global campaign, branding, big data


KACST, King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology, is a Saudi Arabia’s government
institution that supports and improves applied scientific research. The KACST coordinates
the state institutions and research centres’ activities according to the country’s development

KACST logo


The Misk Global Forum, carried out with the support of the MIT, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, took place on November 14th and 15th, 2018 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. This forum is a continuous platform that gathers young leaders, creators and thinkers with global innovators established to explore and experience ways to face the challenge of change.

Within this context, the KACST introduced its project called Saudi Skill Space, which goal is help public policies formulators understand the Saudi labour market dynamics and the composition of its diverse jobs, through the use of Big Data’s Neural Networks.



We were requested to make the multi-touch displayers to allow the forum attendants to interact on the “Job” and “Skill” neural networks, handling the Big Data exchanges in an intuitive and friendly way, getting specific results regarding jobs, skills and automation risk.


Regarding Riolab’s methodology, 3 work teams were established: design, systems and architecture. In the conceptual phase, all disciplines worked together to define the scope of the project.


The application’s graphic interface had to “humanize” the scientific content of the Experience and allow non-technical users to view and surf in the information easily and “beautifully”.


Anas Alfaris, Vice President of the
National Agency of Science
of Saudi Arabia
and Francisco Arévalo,
Director of Riolab.


Center of Complex Engineering Systems / Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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