Social responsibility

Sustainability / Environment + Community

The object of our work, the object of everything we do, is in the people who dwell in our projects and in the users of our designs. People creating for other people, rethinking their work for the sustainability of the planet.

The majority of our clients are large companies; public or private, productive or services, but all with a clear position regarding sustainability. They understand that safety, respect for the community and care for the environment are an essential part of growth.

And we help them promote that initiative.

The innovation of the 21st century does not aim to produce more at the lowest cost, but to produce better and at no cost to the planet, caring for and respecting the environment and the communities.

Mining, agriculture, architecture, real estate, tourism, energy, transport, communications, museums, banks, universities, pavilions and fairs, whatever the activity to which we provide services, we always consider the sustainability of the project. And customers appreciate it.

Technology: our sustainable image

We design memorable social, cultural and corporate experiences where the main resource, which is technology, becomes invisible. However, the environmental policy of our technological suppliers must be visible: to be friendly to the environment, controlling CO2 emissions, and promoting the recycling of obsolete equipment.

In Riolab we have a social vocation

We are aware that we participate in a community that identifies and favors us, and we reward it from our professional field. This allows us to participate in many valuable initiatives that contribute to forming audiences and promoting our culture and heritage.