Vice-Presidency of Projects CODELCO

Communication coherence through an Integrated Media System®.

media production, editorial, corporate communication, mining

Integrated Media System
(SIM© – Sistema Integrado de Medios©)

Design of an open and flexible system, in collaboration with VP professionals, that uses physical and digital platforms, elaborating contents that enrich conversation, and integrate the diverse public, favouring the participation.

We created an Integrated Media System SIM® (acronym in Spanish) where the editorial criterion (conceptual and visual) and the common strategic view of the work of Codelco’s Vice-Presidency of Projects (VP), allow each communication resource or effort that we develop to contribute to the institutional dialogue and to be perceived as a relevant management tool for internal, external and stakeholders publics.

The VP is responsible for designing and implementing the structural projects of Codelco, the world’s leading copper producer.

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