Workshop Museum – Tools of the Past

Presentation Film

museography, installation, experience

Projection – mapping the history of wood as a building material, and the steps required to work with it: measure-mark, cut, brush, carve, drill and assemble, which are the techniques that visitors will then use on the workshop.

On a pine wall in the access to the museum, the initiatory rite of the Experience is performed. Each plank comes to life through a fragmented story in which nature (the forest) shows its generosity. Objects, chairs, tables and wooden musical instruments are the human response that, with love and creativity, invites children to play and think of a better future.

The woods of the wall move and transform, giving way to an enchanted forest. A polyphony of sounds and images situate children in a sensory world that allows them to enter into a different mood, and predisposes them to live a memorable experience.

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